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Lee Coleman: A Houston Texas native with a deep appreciation for visual arts. As an artist, I enjoy every phase of the creative process. It's a honor to be in the position to capture those important moments in life's process. Just as ancient scribes devoted countless hours to recording sacred moments, I aim to create quality products to be cherished for years to come. The name "Scribe" was jokingly given to me by a friend due to my attention to small details. Long story short I adopted the name and the rest is history.

I am a freelance photographer and videographer in the Houston area that is willing to travel. My visual arts background (graphic designer, painter) naturally led me into working with cameras. Providing creative direction is second nature, however I truly enjoy capturing candid moments. Clients often describe my style as natural, classic, and timeless.

When I am not working, I make time to paint, travel, and support performance art shows.

My wife, family and close friends keep me going and encourage my creative growth.

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